Follow The Money

Good Information to know.....


At the beginning of 2021 the ECHD dealership offered to put 5% of every purchase by GNWHOG members into the GNWHOG piggy bank! Though we do add a few bucks with 50/50 raffles, and occasional charges on some events, most of our funds come through our chapter members making purchases at Emerald City Harley-Davidson. While many HOG chapters struggle to survive these days, the oldest chapter in the state continues to move forward with the added help of ECHD!

Thanks to Scott and the ownership we are on track to not only survive the pandemic, but to thrive during uncertain times. So don’t forget to mention you are a GNWHOG member when you buy anything at ECHD and keep those bucks flowing into our account. In exchange for such a generous offer from the dealership we are trying to do our part as a chapter by volunteering to help at dealership functions. By doing so we have the unique opportunity to meet new perspective members and promote GNWHOG at the same time.

Well, some wouldn’t necessarily say that it is a volunteer position as the dealership is rewarding those who help with a nice gift card for helping! GNWHOG Chapter member Austin M. is coordinating our volunteers for dealership events. This position will help us coordinate with the dealership. You can contact Austin by emailing [email protected] . It would be great if you would send him a note saying you may be available for one of the open spots on his to do list. It takes a village to do everything we would like to see happen in this volunteer riding club!