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Welcome to our Chapter

Harley-Davidson Owners
Great Northwest H.O.G.® Washington Chapter 3169 would like to extend a warm welcome to you, and our thanks for making the decision to become a part of our social riding club. Perhaps you may be like many of us who enjoy riding most of the time by ourselves, but enjoy the occasional group ride. Being part of a H.O.G.® chapter offers many benefits beyond group riding, of course there’s the common denominator of being a Harley-Davidson owner! Learning riding tips, meeting new friends with similar interests, noticing new gear and gadgets, and listening to real people’s reviews on products and service is a good thing.

The Social Aspect
Beyond riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and enjoying safe alcohol free group rides, there is also the social aspect of being a H.O.G.® chapter member. Depending on the local makeup of chapter members, social events of all shapes and sizes can be found. Dancing, bowling, games, picnics, dinners, concerts, fund raisers for charities, to name a few. We are also a non-religious/political group, which means we try and keep matters of faith and politics personal, and pursue our goal of riding safe and having fun.

According to Harley-Davidson
According to Harley-Davidson, an official H.O.G.® chapter must be sponsored by a Harley-Davidson dealership, and ultimately it’s the owner/dealership that determines how a chapter operates, or for that matter exists. Some chapters have elections to vote in officers to help the chapter, others appoint. Each dealership has a H.O.G.® manager that oversees the chapter, and can also fill in as one or all officer positions. We at GNW H.O.G.® have primary officers appointed, and discretionary officers serve the chapter by the directors’ choice.

New Members
As a new member in the GNW H.O.G.® chapter, we encourage you to sign up for our weekly email called the Blast (You can opt out at any time). This will keep you updated with all the current events of chapter life, and may bring an occasional smile to your face. Our calendar is also an excellent place to find out when and where things are going on, we keep this up to date! We also have a Facebook page and website where rides, and other information are posted by our road captains, and officers. So, if you are new, please forgive us if you happen to come to a meeting or event for the first time, and no one seems to notice you. We are trying to change the culture to one that is inclusive of everyone, whether you are a die-hard rider, occasional, or brand new to the Harley-Davidson world.

Get Involved
As with just about everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. With some groups it can be difficult to fit in if you are not part of the “in crowed”. At GNW H.O.G.® we encourage you to get involved, and we try our best to be an inclusive group of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. All of our officers have an equal say, we are open to, and encourage each member to contribute their opinions, along with their participation.

We appreciate your participation as we strive for our goal of riding safe and having fun, on Harley-Davidson motorcycles!